Real Stone Real Thin

Park Avenue Stone Panels sell Onyx, Marble, Travertine and granite.  Stone Panels are 1/6th the weight and are sliced as thin as 5mm depending on the stone, but are stronger than traditional stone. Stone Panels have a 25 year warranty are completely waterproof and  installed by certified installers. Stone Panels require fewer resources to produce so are more environmentally friendly than traditional stone.

Stone Panels are Versatile

Park Avenue Stone Panels can be used in a vertical as well as horizontal application. Some of the stone panels come in translucent panels which means they can be back-lit to add a wow factor to any room in your home, office or even your yacht. Stone Panels can  be used indoors and outYou are limited only by your imagination. Use them for wall cladding, bathrooms, showers, offices, furniture, kitchens, fireplaces, yachts and more.

Stone Panels are Unique

To Quote Paul LeFrance “This is where art meets history and there is nothing like it out there”. Stone is historical and art is filled with beauty and intrigue. Park Avenue Stone Panels can bring both history and beauty to any space. Park Avenue Stone panels can be book matched to add even more interest to a room or space. You can use Opaque stone panels and add a back light to show the stone off in a more dramatic way.